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Free spring workshops supported by WDEA

We're excited to present a range of FREE workshops for our community to get your garden ready to roar this year with support from WDEA Works. Hurry to secure your spot!

Saturday 9 September | 11am - 12pm

Don't wait until the weather warms up, we can do a little extra planning that will have a big impact on garden yield and overall health. Kirsty Williams will explain how the soil, sun and selections you make will determine the success of your harvest.

Saturday 23 September | 11am - 12pm

Save time, money and backaches and learn some insights to transform your yard into a thriving, beautiful, and resilient garden.

Donna will explain why gardening sustainability is good for us, sharing how it can benefit wildlife and your health.

Wednesday 18 October | 6 - 7pm

The best time to plant a garden was years ago, then the next best time is now.

Learn from different growers what inspired them to start gardening, what motivates them to keep growing and their lessons so you don't have to learn them.

Saturday 28 October | 11am - 12pm

Learn how to take better photos all on your phone to keep a record of your garden, to share on social media or with your friends and family.

Perry will highlight some key tips to transform your shots from meh to magnificent.

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