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Our Healthy Urban Building

Preserves made in the HUB
Bush food garden with HUB in the background
Cooking class in the HUB

The HUB, our Healthy Urban Building, opened in 2012. We converted an old portable classroom to a low-energy multipurpose space, boasting a passive-ventilation layout, low-toxin paint and insulation made from recycled plastic bottles.

It has a registered kitchen, classroom and library, plus a worm composting toilet and rainwater capture on the roof. Solar panels help make our HUB sustainable, generating more than our share of electricity use.

Some equipment we have:

  • Large pans and pots for preserving

  • Oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridges

  • Range of utensils for different cooking tasks

  • Whiteboards for workshops

  • Our site, quarry and HUB are available for events, workshops and activities. 

    Get in touch or send an email to with the details and we can discuss options.

    Pizza oven

    Outside, we have a wood fired pizza oven, built during a workshop in 2013. The flowering gum design of the mosaic was completed in 2016. It is the centre of our garden celebrations, with pizza parties a delicious highlight throughout the year.

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