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Learning, caring for and enjoying our feathered friends

A boy holds his hands out for a chook to eat some food. There is another darker feathered chook in the front of the image
Sign on the fence saying 'Chook Hilton'
A drawing of the chooks Mrs Poppleberry and Dame Eggna

Chooks are an important part of the garden, converting our leftover scraps to eggs we have for sale. 

Dame Eggna, one of our Isa Brown chooks, won Australia's Best Chicken Name in the Grow it Local Awards.

Chook crew 

The Chook Crew look after our flock on a roster basis with morning and afternoon tasks. Many simply like working with chooks, while others are looking to learn more about them. Some crew have young children who love this activity.

Duties include counting the chooks each day, collecting eggs, checking the food and water, and keeping an eye out

New members of the Chook Crew are always welcome to join the roster which is managed by Christine. Call into the Wednesday afternoon garden market or send an email to and we can arrange a time to have a chook chat. 

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