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Get involved in the garden

There are many ways to get involved at Warrnambool Community Garden, here are a few ways to join in the community 


Find a group that suits your interests, or gain new skills and knowledge

Discover delicious plants that are from our backyard. Build your understanding of First Nations culture and help preserve endangered plants. 

First and third Saturday of the month 9am-2pm - ask for Rob

Grow a range of vegetables and learn from some long time gardeners.

Wednesday 9am-5pm - ask for Terry

Learn about the wonderful world of herbs and build your skills in propagation.

Tuesday 10am-12pm - ask for Dianne

Take care of our flock of chooks and learn about these cute birds.

Come to the Wednesday afternoon market and ask for Christine 

Help to maintain this large area and make it a beautiful space for community events and celebrations. 

Ask for Bruce

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