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Diverse sensory garden

Bench surrounded by plants including a grey wormwood plant in backgrond
Communal herb plot for cooking, tea, companion planting, medicine, pest control, sharing
Winding path with herbs and flowers

This area showcases a huge variety of herbs, grouped by their main use or area of origin. It's bordered by a rosemary hedge which the members maintain plus a pomegranate tree and artichokes. 

Herb Patch sessions run Tuesday 10am to 12noon, open to all members, and guests. The group works on maintenance and development of the patch with a focus on mutual learning in a friendly and supportive environment.

If you are interested in sharing a common interest in herbs, call in on a Tuesday morning and ask for the group coordinator Dianne.

Recommendations from the patch
  • Penny Woodward - a garden writer & photographer, former horticultural editor of Organic Gardener magazine & the author of 8 books on edible & useful plants

  • Mudbrick Herb Cottage - quality organic herb plants, dried herbs, organic spices

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