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Support us

100% of every contribution goes directly to work in our garden

Warrnambool Community Garden is a volunteer organisation, we are very grateful for all of the support we have received over the years from our community. However, as a not-for-profit organisation we're dependent on people like you to support our important work to educate the community on how they can support their own food security. 

We have a track record of achieving incredible results with major infrastructure projects including the quarry project nearing completion for our community nearly ten years faster than originally planned. 

Every dollar counts to make sure we can continue to be a place for our community to learn, grow, produce and share. Help keep the gates open, the weeds down and our chooks happy.

To arrange payment, contact or mail cheques to

The Secretary
Warrnambool Community Garden Inc.
PO Box 5181, Warrnambool, 3283

What can you help fund?

Kids in the Garden program

Heather and kids in the herb garden

Our Garden has started an after school gardening program running on Wednesdays, with several members in the core team as it gets developed.

Many students wish to continue gardening after their 6-8 week schoolbased kitchen garden program has finished, this program fills a gap for educating kids on all aspects of gardening from propagation to planting to care of plants to harvesting.


The main area of the kids garden has been established, donations will contribute to supporting families facing disadvantage that may not have been able to afford a place in the program. 

Mini tractor

Kubota mini tractor

Garden activity has increased steadily as more of the site has been brought in
to regular use.  Use of the areas to the west of the quarry only became possible with the advent of the ride on mower, with mechanisation allowing the whole site to be utilised.

With growth has come increasing manual handling of materials including soil, manures, composts, gravels, mulches and random assorted heavy things like rocks, cut up trees and much more. These processes need mechanical support with a sub compact tractor or a very small skid-steer (bobcat type of machinery).

Second hand examples of these types of equipment in good condition are
harder to come across in smaller models than in larger versions. Small models
are used by hobby farmers and the like and rarely gets upgraded. Pieces that
come on to the market are usually quite degraded. Whatever we buy must be
in good enough condition to not require continual repair. 

Bed maintenance

Pea straw piled up

We have a mix of communal and individual gardening. Communal garden areas are much bigger than individual beds. They are maintained through volunteer time, but those volunteers need materials to improve and keep the soil healthy. We generate our own compost and worm farm products but need to source mulches, manures and some other organic fertilisers from off site. 

$12 support would buy two bags of manure, $24 would buy 2m of mulch.

Education program

Kids listening in the pumpkin patch

School tours and other activities are run for nominal amounts of money – usually about $2 per student. However even this can be a stretch for some schools so we
like to be able to offer free or subsidised tours or activities from time to time.

$110 support would provide a school tour, $33 would support a learning activity. 

Quarry planting

Members planting the quarry slope

Between the quarry and other areas on site being revegetated with native plants, we have over a hectare of native reclamation work happening.


The quarry walls are looking great in areas with plantings already done, but there are still have thousands of plants to go in over the coming years.


Other revegetation areas are being replanted with a range of grasses and smaller shrubs. We raise many of these plants, but some take a longer time to mature, so your support helps to fund purchases from local nurseries. 

$33 support would buy 2 large plants, $22 would buy 4 small tubes.

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