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Celebrating one year of the children's garden

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

We often have little visitors to our garden and kids are often found playing in our sandpit. One member's idea to create an area focused on children and their education has transformed into a beautiful space with plenty to see and do.

With help from the Fletcher Jones Family Foundations and Wannon Water, who contributed plus our garden's contribution of money, materials and lots of time, the key infrastructure is now complete.

The kids garden is the main area for the afterschool gardening program which includes learning how to plant, grow, harvest and share the delicious fruit, vegetables and herbs the children and their carers grow.

Participants discover which plants are best to attract pollinators and pest predators to the garden and how to protect the wildlife in the garden by helping to build a Bug Hotel, a Frog Lodge or a Ladybird Sanctuary.

Everyone gets to be a recycling warrior by learning how to make their own compost. Carers must stay with children. Activities are planned for ages 8 to 12 but all children are welcome.

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