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We're offering free sessions for kids to learn critical cooking skills

Kids enjoying the kitchen with fresh fruit and vegetables
Kids enjoying the kitchen with fresh fruit and vegetables

We've been working to expand the offering of our popular Sprouts Club after-school program with a nutrition-focused Kids in the Kitchen session. We're excited to be offering this free to our community through Warrnambool City Council grant.

Heather Ryan, Sprouts Club Coordinator, underscores the program's commitment to providing nature play and gardening activities that's nurtured young minds since 2021. This expansion is a crucial link for children to connect with their food and the broader natural world.

The sessions will be held once a month on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, aligning with the Warrnambool Community Garden market, and will also offer special school holiday sessions to further enrich the learning experience.

Heather underscores the importance of skill-sharing for the new food-focused sessions, making it an enriching experience for primary school-aged kids. Carers are required to stay on-site and encouraged to join in the fun and educational activities.

"Sprouts Club is more than just a gardening program; it's a space for children to explore, create, and connect with nature. It's a joyful journey of discovery where kids learn not only about gardening, cooking and the pleasures of food but also about themselves and the world around them."

In addition, Sprouts Club will now feature monthly craft-based sessions on the first week of each month, offering a unique blend of seasonal activities. Children can take home their creations, gaining insights into nature, nurturing creativity, and honing their imaginative skills.

Deputy Convenor, Courtney Mathew, expresses gratitude for the Warrnambool City Council Healthy Warrnambool grant, allowing the Sprouts Club to offer these sessions for free. Donations are welcomed to contribute to the not-for-profit, volunteer-run programs, ensuring the continued provision of affordable and enriching experiences for the community.

The Warrnambool Community Garden, a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, is dedicated to fostering a community capable of producing its own food while promoting knowledge, skills, and a passion for sustainable living.

Courtney explains, "Our 6-acre site, featuring private and communal plots, bush food and native areas, herb and sensory gardens, a dedicated kids' garden, a chook yard, and a converted quarry now serving as an amphitheatre, reflects our commitment to creating a space where people can come together to grow, learn, produce, and share."

Sprouts Club is open to everyone, and participants are encouraged to commit to the sessions when booking to ensure that all interested kids can benefit from the program.

Warrnambool Community Garden membership provides families with an excellent opportunity to deepen their connection with the garden, promoting health, strength, mobility, and mental well-being through gardening.

For more information, please visit, call 0493 057 811, or email

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