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Visiting Euroa Arboretum

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Euroa Arboretum was another winner at the 2022 Premier's Sustainability Awards. If you are anywhere around Seymour/Shepparton/Benalla it's well worth a visit.

The arboretum is 27 hectares and has multiple picnic areas, walking trails, display gardens, an amazing native nursery (only open 2 days a week) and much more.

Our convenor Rob took some photos when he visited recently. The arboretum is about double our garden's age, so there is really no comparing the degrees of development... But it does present some ideas.

Some members will be aware of Rob's passion for bush food plants - not so much the "rock star" foods often seen on cooking shows and so on but plants that were genuine staple foods for thousands of years. Some of these are continually misidentified. Examples of this are the genera Microseris (murnong/yam daisy) and Bulbine (a multi species genus).

He was very happy to find the nursery at Euro Arboretum not only got them right, they also had some of the best edible species for sale. Most nurseries misidentify these plants (right genus, wrong species).

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