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More the merrier May morning teas

We seem to have eaten our way through May.

First was our Volunteer Week thank you morning tea on Saturday 20th May. We have a large base of volunteers who help to make the garden the wonderful place it is. Some are here every week, others every now and again but all make important contributions to our garden.

We'd like to express a big thank you to everyone who helps to make our garden grow, the morning tea was delicious and trying our own bee's honey with some figs was a real treat.

We also held our first Biggest Morning Tea to fundraise for the Cancer Council - we managed to collect $162 for this important cause, and it's always nice to gather around a cuppa.

It was lovely to spend time together on these days, and we also had many people who could not get to a session but still provided food.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

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