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Communal food growing at WCG includes several areas.  Apart from chooks, herbs and bush foods which have groups of their own, this area includes the Rotational Vegie Beds in the main area of the Garden, the Hothouse, the Market Garden on the west side of the quarry, and the fruit trees throughout the site.  

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The Communal Vegetable Patch is an important part of WCG.  It was the original communal vegie area, an introduction to vegie gardening for many, and an important part of our locally grown ethos.  

The Hothouse is a vital part of our propagation and nursery program.  Seeds and cuttings started here make their way to many communal areas and to plant sales at the Market.  Members can also do their own seed raising here as well.

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The Market Garden began with the second season of the Market.  It exists specifically to provide produce the the Garden's own stall at the Market.  It's a big undertaking and extra helpers are always welcome. 

There are fruit trees all over the site.  Maintenance is not huge but when required it is usually intensive.  We keep fruit trees to teach their care, to experiment with varieties, to further our "locally grown" ethos, to sell some at the Market, and to provide  ingredients for preserving classes

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You will normally find others working in these areas on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Volunteers are welcome as well as members.

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